Whoosh! by Joan Leotta
Crystal and Jade by Claudia Flisi
Map Making by Kate Hutchinson
De facto Aristocracy by Richard Cavalier
The Trek to Elysium Chronicles (Vol. 2) by Hugh Williams
Albert the Misunderstood by Diana Lee Sherman
Rosa's Shell by Joan Leotta

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Hi, My Name is Miles by Heather Zeissler
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Bedtime for Baby Mouse by Michelle Mueller Teheux
Hyena's Tree by Thomas J. Larson
Fich Scarf by Ana Carleton
Summer In A Bowl by Joan Leotta
God, the Welder by Brandt R. Schubbe
Not Everyone Likes Peas by Diana Lee Sherman

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Rosa and the Red Apron by Joan Leotta
Gift of the Monkey Pajamas by Sandy E. Walsh
The Two Guys' Gourmet by Paul R. Zeissler and Kevin M. Doolan
Chore Time for Baby Mouse by Michelle Mueller Teheux
Hi, My Name is Martin by Heather Zeissler
The Incident by Hugh Williams
Hi, My Name is Milly by Heather Zeissler

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